Friday, April 18

Mother's Day Sale!!

Good News!  Mother's Day Sale in honor of my beautiful mom Patti, and all the amazing moms out there!  Take 15% off using code "PATTI" at checkout in the shop!

Friday, April 11

#Tutorials || DIY Rustic Lunch Tote

    Once upon a time, I carried my lunch in a small Bergdorf Goodman's shopping bag (no idea how I acquired this bag, as I've never step foot in a Bergdorf's, but you know how those things go).  I used this bag, because it was the perfect size.  My little sandwich tupperware and accompanying pint containers for popcorn and the like nestled perfectly inside, and for a while, I felt very trendy carrying this bag around.  Then months go by and my poor perfectly-sized lunch bag is looking beat up and starting to fall apart - not so chic.  I looked around at re-usable lunch totes online, but none were that PERFECT size.. ugh.  
    So, I did what any maker does - I made my own!  And lucky for you all, I was so happy with the way it turned out, I decided to make a tutorial!  I used a denim ticking for the outside, leather trim, and some table cloth scraps for the inside (so its easy to wipe clean!)  You can really customize this any way you like - change the closure, lengthen the straps, do a not-so-rustic version, the possibilities are endless!  (isn't that the best part about DIY??)  
    Since I still haven't broken into the printable PDF pattern world, this is a draft-it-yourself pattern.  But fear not!  The pieces are all pretty much rectangles, I KNOW you can handle it.  

    So pick your fabric, get out your trusty ruler, and follow along AFTER THE JUMP!

Monday, March 31

#LadySeeLadyDo || Knots and Nautical

    This scarf has been in my refashion pinterest board for a while and I finally got around to it a few months ago (yes this is a procrastinated post - so kill me).  
    The tutorial can be found here by Because She Started Knitting - who is now blogging under And then there was Gwen.  I got a little more length out of mine because I used a long sleeve shirt and her tutorial calls for a short sleeve.
    Actually, what inspired me to finally get around to this project is that the Gentleman was cleaning out his closet and the perfect red long-sleeved T-shirt found itself in the give-away pile - from whence I quickly rescued it, dissected it, and gave it the brand new and much more glamorous life of being a knot scarf!

    I am pretty happy with the way it turned out - it was a super quick project, and cost a grand total of $0!! (my favorite kinds of projects-no?)  I can't help but pair it with stripes for a nautical look.  I haven't gotten to wear it much recently because the weather plummeted shortly after it was finished and its not exactly ideal for warmth.  Luckily for me, it's finally warming up - I'll be breaking it out a lot more!

Hat - Streets of Ny, Shirt - St. James, Scarf - Me made!,  Jeans - American Eagle Outfiters,  Shoes - Madden Girl

    I just recently finished a project from my Fall/Winter sewing goals that I'm dying to show you guys - can you guess which one it is?  Also, I'm working on a new tutorial that all of you bring-your-lunch-to-work-ers are going to enjoy as well!

Stay tuned!

Monday, March 10

#WardrobeArchitect || My Favorite Prints

The Wardrobe Architect

    Another one from the Wardrobe Architect series over at the Coletterie.  This time we are talking prints.  The assignment was to look through our closet/fabric stash and take inventory of prints that pop up most frequently, much in the same way we did with colors.  I have to say I was quite excited about this segment of the series.  I LOVE prints… really love them.  It's quite possible that I never have an outfit without a print.  I mix them, I treat them as neutrals, small scale, large scale, you name it.  It was a bit hard for me to narrow down my examples, I am sure there are more prints than just these here in my wardrobe but these are the top contenders, more or less in order from least to most favorite.  
        Animal prints are probably the least frequent print in my closet.  On paper, I wouldn't necessarily label myself as an animal print person.  However, I think they are a great alternative to neutrals, and when worn correctly make any outfit look just a little bit chic-er.  My leopard print scarf is one of the most frequently worn scarf every winter.
    I am a sucker for plaids and ginghams.  I think it't the country girl in me.  I generally prefer them in primary colors for a more rustic look.  Plaids look great in a multitude of fabrics - flannels, cottons, wools… so versatile!  These are another print that can be treated as a neutral when done correctly… then again, I might say that for each one.
    Oh stripes, how do I voice my love for thee?  I'm not sure where my obsession with stripes began but I think Audrey Hepburn and our trip to Paris last summer may have had something to do with it.  Most of my stripes are in neutral colors (theres that word again) and most are knits.  Although I do love a good woven railroad ticking stripe, and I'm not afraid to venture into the colored stripe world.  
    Florals are quite possibly my favorite print.  From small scale (like Liberty…swoon) to larger scale picturesque prints, I love them all.  One great thing about florals is you can easily find so much wonderful vintage floral print cottons - of which I have a growing  collection of for future Buttercups products, though I allow myself to dip into it for personal projects every now and then.  
    I love the look of block prints.  I would love to try and experiment with it myself one day.  I like the by hand, geometric look and feel of them.  I think they add a fun pop to housewares and upholstery, and they give garments a fresh, modern edge.
    Hand stamped prints are along the same lines as block printing, but I wanted to get a little more specific here.  Although I have experimented a little on my own with carving stamps and printing fabric with them, I'd like to explore it a little more.  I am fascinated with the whole process of hand printing and dyeing fabric… I would definitely like to incorporate more of it into my wardrobe.
    Expanding again on the last subject, I love the idea of fabric as a canvas.  There are some beautiful ready-to-buy prints out there with a painterly look, but this is another that I would like to experiment with on my own.  Does anyone know anything about using watercolor on fabric?  I can definitely see myself taking classes on fabric painting techniques in the future.  Just writing this post is making me feel like I should have majored in textile design!!
    I just had to end with the novelty print.  Make no mistake, I'm a classy girl… but not so classy that I don't jump at the idea of chicken printed fabric (hence my splurge purchase of this silk top by WHiT).  Novelty fabrics add color and fun to any wardrobe, and they remind me not to grow up too much.

    Another great segment from this series.  I'm not sure whats up next - perhaps that was the last?  I know I've said it before but I can't stress how much I've loved following along with Wardrobe Architect.  I am completely reanalyzing my wardrobe and the image I portray (and the image I'd like to portray).  I feel more enthusiastic with my sewing plans now that I'm focused on building a wardrobe of interchangeable items that I will wear every day.  This exercise has also re-established my ideals of buying less, making/up-cycling/refashioning more.  I would like to be a more conscious consumer, not only asking "who made this?", "how is it made?", and "what's it made out of?", but more so asking "why am I buying this?" - both when it comes to physical clothing and the fabrics/supplies I sew with.  At this point I'm getting a little off topic.  Perhaps a whole post on this subject is in order?

Have you been thinking about prints?  What are some of your favorites?

Monday, March 3

#WardrobeArchitect || My Silhouettes

    So, I'm a little behind on this post.. but I'm also really excited to share it with you.  Mostly because I had so much fun thinking it through and putting it together.  As I mentioned in my post about colors, the Coletterie is doing a series called Wardrobe Architect to help us think about what makes up our signature style, and translate that into our sewing/purchasing.  I have really enjoyed participating in this series and thinking about what makes up my signature style, and how I can use these exercises to build a better, lasting wardrobe that I'm truly happy with and feel comfortable in.

    For this chapter, we were challenged to come up with some key silhouettes that make up our wardrobe.  I chose 5 for each season (spring/summer and fall/winter).  

 Classic Shift:  I love the shape of a classic shift.  I feel they are comfortable and sophisticated, and easy... and I don't have nearly enough of them!  If its cold I'll usually pair them with tights and maybe a grandpa sweater.  I definitely need to add some of these to my sewing list.
 Sweater + Button Down + Skinnies:    This is pretty much my most frequent winter uniform.  I love cute button downs and combining them with sweaters is one of my favorite fall/winter outfits.  This season definitely leans towards the tomboy for me.
 Sweater + Skirt/Dress:   Another easy, comfortable combo, throw some tights underneath for warmth and your good to go.  The examples hear all involve a flared skirt, but I will often wear this silhouette with a more fitted skirt or dress as well.
 Shirtdress:  I love shirt dresses.  This is another style I could use more of (going on the list!)  These of course I'd throw some tights under and maybe a sweater on top if its super chilly (are you surprised?... didn't think so).
 Jeans + Cozy T:  On days when I just can't be bothered to "put an outfit together" I go for a simple jeans and tshirt or cute sweatshirt.  Most of my T's are a relaxed fit, and my jeans are either skinnies or boyfriends.  Sometimes I'll dress it up with cute shoes or a blazer.
 I wanted to add some sample accessories for each season.  For my coats, I prefer a Swing shape - not only are they cute and ladylike, but they allow plenty of room for whats underneath.. I don't like to feel squished.  For shoes I live in Combat Boots  and Ankle Booties.  The latter I have in all shapes and colors, they make every outfit cuter.  If I'm not wearing a simple slouchy beanie, you will see a Cloche Hat on my head, usually vintage.  These hats look good on EVERYONE.. think your not a hat person?  Trust me.. try it!

 High Waist + Crop Top:  In the summer its all about staying cool, and I'm not afraid of showing a little skin.  This look is not only comfortable, but when done right it looks quite fresh.
Breezy Dresses:  Again, the primary motivation being to stay cool (New York summers can be brutal).  I love a simple flowy dress that feels whisper thin and light next to my body.  This is a summer go-to.
 Fit+Flare:  Whether in the form of a dress or a skirt and top, this is another no-brainer silhouette that frequents my summer wardrobe.  You'll notice the "fit" half of these examples is not crazy tight - I can't stand super tight tops, especially ones with sleeves.  So my "fit and flare" usually looks more like "slightly fit and flare."
 Boxy Top + Fitted Bottom:  Usually the fitted bottom here is in the form of a high waist, though not always.  This one I call the "flair and fit" ... see what I did there?
 Fitted Tank Dress:  One exception I will make to my dislike of tight fitted tops is a fitted tank dress.  Always knit, not quite body-con but almost.  These dresses are so easy to throw on - and comfy!  And I'll usually put a cropped cardi in my purse to combat freezing a/c when I'm out to eat.
   My summer accessories are also pretty standard.  I wear my Cropped Denim Jacket religiously, my hair is almost always in a Messy Bun, and often with a Head Scarf.  A Heeled/Wedged Sandal makes a frequent appearance on my feet in the summer, usually not too high of a heel.  I've been dying for a pair of Swedish Hasbeen Clogs but I have yet to fork out the dough for some.  This might be the year though, I feel like I would wear them almost every day.  If I'm not in sandal wedges I'm usually in a pair of Low Top Sneakers, usually Converse.  This city is so dirty I don't wear flat sandals much, and I rarely can find a pair of ballet flats thats comfy enough for all the walking.. so my converse get a lot of summer time wear.

    Any silhouettes here similar to yours??

    Since my colors post I have organized the colors I chose into groups and added them to My Style pinterest board (where a lot of these images came from).  This week is all about prints, with I am obsessed with so I'm very excited to get going on that post.  (although I'll probably get carried away putting together images and be a little late again) - What can I say?  I love hunting for inspiration!

    As I said before, this series is amazing.  If you haven't been participating I truly encourage starting from the beginning and joining in.  It will completely re-focus your sewing priorities and provide a lot of clarity in styling yourself.

    Have a lovely week dearies!

Thursday, February 27

New Shop Items! Pay Attention Snackers!!

Now head on over and check out all the fun!!

Thursday, February 20

Wardrobe Architect: My Color Story

The Wardrobe Architect

    Have y'all been following along with the new Wardrobe Architect series over on the Coleterrie?  Not only is it the first series of it's kind (that I know of) but it's also the first series I've actually been actively participating in each week.  I have really enjoyed the worksheets, analyzing my style preferences, and hearing other peoples thoughts and ideas on the topic.  Over all it has DEFINITELY made me re-think how I go about planning my sewing.  When I look back at everything I've made most of the pieces are at least semi-special, not necessarily every-day staples.  What a huge oversight on my part!  I get so excited about sewing something pretty or different that I forget about the true joy I get from sewing which is wearing something I put hard work and love into - which will happen more often if my sewing list consists more of every-day wear.  (Granted, I'm also not the type of girl to shy away from wearing a party dress just because it's monday afternoon)  Regardless, the series has been a total eye-opener, and has had me really pumped up about future sewing projects.

    This week is all about color.  (I'm still putting together my post for last week's assignment on silhouettes so bare with me.) The challenge this week is to go through your closet/fabric stash/pinterest boards and see what colors show up most.  What sticks out to you?  These are the colors that make up your own personal color story.  Some people may find it limiting to set a certain color story for your wardrobe (granted these are not hard core rules), but I actually find it brilliant.  I actually use this technique every time I go on vacation - picking a color story just makes packing easier!  Slimming your wardrobe to a particular color story - as broad as it may be - not only creates a consistency but also adds ease with mixing and matching, helps guide you when shopping for clothes/fabric, and simplifies your life a bit.

    I was surprised to find that a lot of the colors I immediately added knowing they were my favorites, were not necessarily cohesive with what I have in my closet.  This only means I have some work to do!

    Here are the colors I came up with.  I originally started with only 10 but after more thought decided to broaden it to incorporate different shades and tones for a broader palate with more "flow".

    As you can see, I lean towards a lot of brightness, but when actually put in to practice, the brighter colors are usually balanced out by a neutral.  Surprisingly, I wear quite a bit of black.  I love color, but am big on balance, and use it a lot as a "pop" rather than an over-all look (except when I'm getting crazy with prints of course).  Ooh - I wonder if there will be a Prints chapter in the Wardrobe Architect series??  Please oh please!


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