Saturday, January 4

My Year in Books: 2013

    Everyone seems to be posting about their 2013 accomplishments lately, and I figured I'd join in the fun.  Although, since you could very easily see everything I made in 2013 by scrolling back a few pages, I decided instead to share with you my year in books.  If you couldn't tell from my sidebar, I am an avid reader (I'm even in a book club!)  Every year I try to get in a healthy mix of fun fiction, and more educational non-fiction.  And I'm a "real book" reader - no e-reader for this girl!  So un-eco-friendly of me I know, but I just have to be able to smell & flip those pages and underline the good stuff.  I also love using goodreads to keep track of what I've read and connect with friends to see what they are reading, if you're a reader you should definitely check it out!

    Without further delay, here are my 2013 books:
Click image to be taken to interactive version.

    In a week or so I'll be sharing my goals for 2014, and a bit about why life has caused my posts to be so few and far between lately - stay tuned!

Read something on my list?  Read something I need to know about?  Lets get a chat going in the comments!!

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  1. Great list! Really want to read Same Kid of Different as Me. And A Prayer for Owen Meany still remains one of my favorite books of all time. :)


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