Thursday, June 19


    That's right folks!  My radio silence as of late has been due to the fact that the Gentleman and I have made the adventurous and quite possibly crazy decision to uproot and move from bustling New York City to the sleepy middle-of-nowhere town of Nixon, Tx (population 2200 to be exact).  After several months of considering how the fast-paced life was overwhelming us and feeling like we were ready for some country living, an opportunity to buy a BBQ restaurant in Tx about 2 hours from my home-town sort of just fell into our laps.  We weighed the pros and cons, said goodbye to our beloved NYC and went for it!

--- Just so the restaurant thing doesn't sound completely random to y'all, I must note that the Gentleman is a chef and we met when he hired me as a waitress at his BBQ restaurant in NY.  ---

    There will be more details and our full story coming up soon on our brand spankin new website and blog which I will share with y'all when the time comes!  If you are interested in seeing a few sneak peeks, you can follow @honeyandswine on instagram!  And not to worry - My sewing and crafty home here at LadyMockingbird is here to stay and as soon as we get settled (and I set up my new sewing space-eek!) I'll be back to my regularly scheduled program of DIY goodness!!  In fact, I have a lot of remodeling plans in store for the blog which I can't wait to get cracking on - which may even include some DIY's for the home, seeing as we have a real one now!

Stay tuned!

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